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About The Artist


      I was once asked if I had happy memories of my childhood and I said yes, of my grandmother who lived in a tiny one-bedroom cabin in the high mountains of Running Springs, California. My grandmother loved to paint and bake pies and cookies and unknown to her she provided my happiest childhood memories. I called her Nan.

Nan was an artist, and her favorite painting was a pastel-colored oil of Castles in the Sky. As a child I often stood imagining I lived in those heavenly castles. Nan must have seen my whimsical longing and one happy day she walked me down to the little store in town and bought me my first set of oil paints. Nan's cabin smelled like wood fires and Christmas cookies.

      I was very proud of Nan and she was proud of me. When I was a young child, I gave her my first scribbled drawing and years latter it still hung on her wall near the fireplace. I never intentionally meant to follow in her steps but as I look back at my life now, in the light she left on my path, I realize I have become like her in so many ways.

I hope to meet her again one day, in those Castles in the Sky to thank her for sharing her love of life with me. There will never be a day when I smell sugar cookies, a wood burning stove, or the pleasing aroma of oil paints that I do not think of her. In between now and then I hope to give others the gift she gave to me - a glimpse of heaven and the life here-after through our shared love of Castles in the Sky.



      Nancy holds a master’s degree in digital media design from the University of Edinburgh and is currently studying for her doctorate degree at Liberty University. Nancy began her career 30 years ago as a Fine Artist with gallery representation in Carmel, Calistoga, and Grass Valley, California as well as internationally in Queensland, Australia. Transitioning from Fine Art to Digital Media, was a natural move as the artist merged her Fine Art skills into Graphic Art, Matte Painting, and Film production.


To date Nancy has been awarded over 65 International Awards for her art and film productions. The Castles in the Sky series is the product of a successful merger of Nancy's many skills in Fine Art and Digital Design. Each piece is presented as a mixed media art form.

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Artist Nancy Hamilton
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The little town of Running Springs, California
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